> []( ### Description Treble is a free, all-purpose music and soundscape collection for everything from games to YouTube background music. It's basically a series of templates for the free version of [MuLab](, all released under the public domain [CC0]( license. The templates are initially composed using artificial intelligence from []( The initial compositions are brought into MuLab and further arranged to fit specific themes like "chiptunes", "synthwave" or "lofi". ### Project Goal One of the points of this collection is to provide a free service for game developers, video makers or anyone else needing royalty free music and ambient snippets without fear of legal issues. Another goal is to have a substantial base of music content to build games and other media projects. I'm always working on a wide variety of media projects and tend to need this type of stuff often. Here's the playlist of all the templates: ### About the project site This project is hosted here at using a lot of custom tweaks and scripts I've created to make Blogger sites work more like databases.

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