This project is an attempt to catalog music visualizations across all sorts of software, beginning with Winamp's MilkDrop plugin.


Having needed some sleek music visualizations for a few other projects, I turned to Winamp and its venerable MilkDrop plugin. Unfortunately, there were so many presets for it, I couldn't easily tell which to use, mainly since there weren't any graphic/video examples for them. So I set out to create examples.

Here's a playlist of recorded presets so far:

The recording process

To record the MilkDrop visuals, I used MSI Afterburner. Of course, recording over 1000 presets would take a lot of time, so I used AutoIt to create a script to automate that.

Something I've done in the past with videos like this is looped them seamlessly. This is done by splitting a video in half, swapping their positions and then fading between the two parts.

I wanted to do that with these videos too, so I scripted that also, using AutoIt along with the MLT framework. Shotcut comes bundled with a command-line version of MLT called Melt. So I used that to make it simpler.

I've written a bit more about that and referenced those scripts in my post about it all, MilkDrop Visualization Database.

About the project site

This project is hosted here at, providing a free and easy way to manage the preset videos. Blogger has a "dynamic view" which is basically a dynamic theme that can showcase articles in a grid view. That's what I've used, with some custom CSS to make it look nice.

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