DasKitz is a really, really old project my brother and I started over 15 years ago. It used to be at daskitz.com those many years back, it's now neatly housed here in a sub-domain.


Many moons ago, I wanted to create a site that my brother and I could both work on. He had a bunch of creative ideas for phone messages, so I joined him and created some myself. This is the result of that effort.

Here's a playlist of the growing content releases:


I created a music visualizer for my "Hidden in Darkness" project, likewise for this one. More details on that here: fun-themed music visualization.

About the project site

Similar to a lot of the other projects, this one's hosted here at Blogger.com since it's free, allows extensive theme customization, and also because it's dead easy to link sub-domains from my Google Domains.

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